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Following is a list of the LAO operas performed to date. Please select an opera to view its production details:




D A V I T   B E K

F I R E   R I N G

S A Y A T   N O V A

K A J   N A Z A R


* * * * * * * * *

















By Haro Stepanian




Kaj Nazar' is a comic opera by Haro Stepanian. The story is based on a folk fairy tale and is the subject

of Hovhanes Tumanian's famous work of the same name. The popularity of this story is such that it has

been adapted and performed as a stage play, cartoon and movie.                                                             


Nazar is a boastful and delusional man who sits in the house and daydreams. His eternally suffering wife

Ustian, who does all the housework, is fed up with his laziness and often resorts to violence! With a         

"fairytale" turn of events his dreams become real.....                                                                                  


The opera was composed in 1934 and was first performed in the newly opened opera house in Yerevan in

1935. The libretto is by dramatist Derenik Demirdjian, who is the author of the play called 'Kaj Nazar'.   

Demirdjian's libretto adds certain darkness to the comedy and gives a political dimension to it. Here, the

simpleton Nazar becomes a tyrant oppressor whose reign of terror ends abruptly by people's uprising.      


Since its debut in 1935 this work has never been performed. Stepanian's unique musical style is well suited

to the nature of comedy in this piece. His other operas include 'Sasuntsi Davit' (Davit of Sasun), 'Nuneh',

'Lusabatsin' (at the dawn), 'Herosuhin' (the heroine).                                            





Artistic Director                                           Aris Nadirian

 Director                                                       Seta White      

   Conductor                                                   Levon Parikian

    Set & Costumes Designer                            Zahra Mansouri  

    Costume Associate                                       Michelle Bristow

Lighting Designer                                         Claire Childs

                    Choreographers                                           Arsen Zakaryan                  

                                                                                          Shakeh Major-Tchilingirian

Production Manager                                    Simeon Miller 

              Stage Manager                                             Marjanne Van Der Ark

Orchestral Arrangement                               Aris Nadirian  

  Rehearsal Pianists                                         Natasa Sarcevic

                                                                      Richard Black

       Surtitles Operator                                         Luciné Karanfilian

                                           Makeup Artist                                              Yolanda Manukyan                                    


                             CAST                                                                                                      CHORUS                               


         Nazar                                    Berj Karazian                                                 Soprano                  Rouzanna Gasparian     

Ustian                                   Tereza Gevorgyan                                                                          Annie Kasparian  

       Neighbour                             Anaïs Heghoyan-Thomas                                                               Nadia Yeghiazarian      

 Tiratsu                                   Mikayel Grigoryan                                                                                                      

         Vosgan                                  Philip Clieve                                                   Alto                        Nazik Andonian           

                 Sako                                     Aris Nadirian                                                                                  Christina Gulvanessian        

   Ghunkianos                           Hovhannes Arakelyan                                                                     Mareta Kazaryan    

         Tamada                                 Marcin Gesla                                                                                   Atina Zainali                 

Tiger                                     Arsen Zakaryan                                                                                                            

       Marjan                                  Ellie Parsons                                                   Tenor                        Hovhannes Arakelyan

                                                         Tango                                   Atina Zainali                                                                                     Hamo Gregorian                                                           

  Zulo                                      Christina Gulvanessian                                                                                                   

         First Loonylander                 Nazik Andonian                                               Bass                         Alexei Emam                 

           Second Loonylander             Hamo Gregorian                                                                              David Stephan                  

Senegabed                            Jack Roberts                                                                                                                    

 Russian Queen                     Susanna Hogan                                                                                                                 

Lady in Waiting                   Shakeh Major-Tchilingirian                                                                                              

Italian Queen                       Mary-Jean O'Doherty                                                                                                       

    Spanish Queen                      Anaïs Heghoyan-Thomas                                                                                                     





                     Alex Postlethwaite (violin)                              Tess Oakley (cello)                                    Duncan Gwyther (horn)                                    

                                        Anne Beitel (violin)                                        Philip Austin (cello)                                  Ed Dorman (horn)                                                               

                                   Kieran Burling (violin)                                   Terry Gibbs (double bass)                         Stephen Kenny (trumpet)                                                

                                            Stella di Virgilio (violin)                                 Peter Robinson (flute)                              Oliver Haylett (trombone)                                                        

                               Gwenlian Lewis (violin)                                  Bruno Bower (Oboe)                                Sam Hoile (percussion)                                               

                         Michael Bennett (viola)                                  Sheena Balmain (clarinet)                         Gabriella Jones (harp)                                          

   Chris Brody (viola)                                         David Robson (Bassoon)                                                                                 




                       DANCERS                                                                     CHILDREN'S CHORUS                 


                                              Davit Ajamyan                                                                    Alexia Boghossian                                                    

                              Vahe Avejan                                                                        Raffi Boghossian                                      

  Narek Babaian                                                                     Orson Gulvanessian      

        Narineh Beshirian                                                                Hannah Kaprielian             

                             Lianna Harutunyan                                                              Asdghig Southgate                                   

                        Tigran Minasian                                                                    Ingo Southgate                                    

Elaha Naderi                                                                                                             

Lilit Nagapetyan                                                                                                       




* * * * *



















By Alexander Arutiunian



'Sayat Nova' by Alexander Arutiunian is a recent addition to the operatic repertoire. It is essentially a

pastiche musically based on the songs of the eighteenth century Armenian Ashough, or minstrel, Sayat

Nova. The composer has succeeded in creating a work in which the musical genius Sayat Nova is brought

into relief, affording the listener a fresh perspective of the minstrel's art.                                                


In this opera every facet of Arutiunian's creative personality comes through his lyricism, melodic gift

and affinity for folk music, particularly that of troubadours. He has succeeded in bringing forth many of

Sayat Nova's qualities through discriminating judgement in matters of artistic and historic nature.  He

presents the great minstrel as a man of intense feelings, as an immensely talented musician and as a

beloved bard, dedicated to the survival of the motherland.                                                                  






Artistic Director                                           Aris Nadirian

 Director                                                       Seta White      

   Conductor                                                   Levon Parikian

    Projection Designer                                     Natalia Sookias  

                     Choreographer                                            Shakeh Major Tchilingirian

    Lighting Designer                                        Edmund Sutton

                          Costumes                                                     Tamara Stephan                       




CAST                                                                                      CHORUS      


                                             Berj Karazyan (Tenor)               Sayat Nova                                           Marianna Asatryan (Soprano)                                                                    

Anaïs Heghoyan (Mezzo)           Princess Anna                                      Ani Nersisyan (Soprano)                                

 Aris Nadirian (Baritone)            Ashough/Prince                                    Annie Kasparian (Soprano)                            

                            Arshak Kuzikyan (Bass)             Bazarbashi/King                                  Rouzanna Gasparian (Soprano)                                                 

             Stephen Mills (Tenor)                Jester                                                    Suzy Boghossian (Soprano)                                        

      Garo Karabeyekian (Bass)         Ploughman                                           Jenik Oshian (Soprano)                                       

                                                                                 Evelyn Oshian (Soprano)

                                                                                                    Tereza Gevorgyan (Soprano)               

                                                                                Tanya Hurst (Soprano)    

                                                                        Atina Zainali (Alto)

                     DANCERS                                                                Nazik Andonian (Alto)                          

                                                                                                         Kristina Manukyan (Alto)                        

 Shakeh Major Tchilingirian                                                Maral Southgate (Alto)               

Francesco Mangiacasale                                                    Rita Ovanessoff (Alto)              

                                                                                      Christina Gulvanesian (Alto)

                                                                             David Stephan (Tenor)

                                                                                Hamo Gregorian (Tenor)

                                                                                  Garo Karabeyekian (Bass)

                                                                        Alexei Emam (Bass)

                                                                                  Garbis Kiremidjian (Bass)






                     Alex Postlethwaite (violin)                              Roland Anderson (cello)                           Daniel de Souza (horn)                                    

                                        Gwen Lewis (violin)                                        Philip Austin (cello)                                  Joel Roberts (horn)                                                             

                                  Kieran Burling (violin)                                   Adrian Warrick (double bass)                    Jack Crozier (trumpet)                                                  

                                             Stella di Virgilio (violin)                                 Amanda Lockhart Knight (flute)               Oliver Haylett (trombone)                                                        

                              Rebecca Windram (violin)                              Bruno Bower (Oboe)                                  Sam Hoyle (percussion)                                             

                        Madi Luimstra (viola)                                    Sheena Balmain (clarinet)                          Andre Camacho (percussion)                              

  Natasha Cheng (viola)                                    David Robsen (Bassoon)                            Tamara Young (Harp)                  




* * * * *


















By Avet Terterian




'Fire Ring'  is an experimental ground-breaking opera composed by Avet Terterian (1929-1994) in 1967. Highly

         respected in his adopted Germany, Terterian unashamedly immersed his work in Western, progressive concepts        

        whilst retaining his distinctive Armenian voice. He was a prolific composer whose work includes eight symphonies,  

orchestral and chamber works, songs, film music and another opera 'Earthquake'.                                            


 Dance and poetry are driving forces in this UK premiere, a psychological masterpiece, which explores civil war

and its ever present motifs. The poetry, taken from the Armenian literary giant, Yeghishe Charents, paints an

abstract world delivered to us by a chorus. A rebel girl and an officer are the chosen protagonists. Left isolated

  on an island, their opposing ideologies conflict with their sexual desires.                                                              


In association with the Grimeborn Festival, Fire Ring was performed on July 31st and August 1st 2016 at the

Arcola theatre, London E8 3DL.                                                                                                                        





Artistic Director                                           Aris Nadirian

 Director                                                       Seta White      

   Conductor                                                   Richard Harker

                               Choreographers                                           Karine Avetisyan/Arsen Zakaryan

    Lighting Design                                           Edmund Sutton

                  Surtitle Operator                                          Noemi Stepan-Sarkissian



CAST                                                                                      CHORUS      


                                                         Tereza Gevorgyan              Girl  (Soprano)                                              Annie Kasparian (Soprano)                                                                               

                        Aris Nadirian                      Officer  (Baritone)                                         Rozeanne Gasparian (Soprano)                                         

                        Tanya Hurst                       Ensemble (Soprano)                                       Tamar Movsesian (Soprano)                                              

                     Anaïs Heghoyan                 Ensemble (Mezzo)                                          Tamara Stephan (Alto)                                                    

                   Stephen Mills                     Ensemble (Tenor)                                           Nouritza Matossian (Alto)                                             

                       Ben Beurklian-Carter         Ensemble (Bass)                                             Davit Karapetian (Alto)                                                     

                                                                                      Hamo Gregorian (Tenor)

                                                                             Alexei Emam (Bass)

                                                                               David Stephan (Bass)



                DANCERS                                                                                ORCHESTRA                 


                                  Arsen Zakaryan                                                               Kristina Arakelyan (Piano)                                

        Karine Avetisyan                                                             Sami Tammilehto (Percussion)

Asya Ghalchyan                                                               Brant Tilds (Trumpet)       

Maria Khorozyan                                                             Yu-Wei Hu (Flute)             

Arpi Kojayan                                                                                                             







* * * * *



















By Armen Tigranian




Davit Bek is an heroic opera based on Raffi's epic novel which portrays a series of events from Armenia's turbulent

 past with historical accuracy. It is the story of the struggle and hardship of a nation at the beginning of the 18th

 century albeit one with a positive ending.  The hero manages to defeat the foreign oppressors by unifying all factions

of the country and starting the arduous task of "nation-building".                                                                           


Davit Bek is Tigranian's second and last opera. Like his masterpiece Anoush, this work too is coloured extensively

 with the enchanting tunes of Armenian folk music. Here he extends his palate to include music from neighbouring

Iran and Georgia and by doing so he creates contrasting images to great dramatic effect, e.g. the triumphant march

 of the Persian soldiers and the sorrowful opening chorus of the Armenians.                                                                


This work has not been seen outside the former Soviet Union since its first performance in Yerevan in 1950. London

 Armenian Opera's UK premiere this year is a fitting tribute to the centenary of the Armenian genocide.                     




                                                                                    Artistic Director                                           Aris Nadirian                                                                                      

                                                                                    Director                                                       Seta White                                                                                          

                                                                                    Conductor                                                   Levon Parikian                                                                                   

                                    Choreographer                                            Arsen Zakarian                                    

                      Costume & Set Design                                 Gabriella Ingram                   

                                                                               Lighting Design                                            Edmund Sutton                                                                              



                             CAST                                                                                                      CHORUS                               


Davit Bek                               Aris Nadirian                                                     Soprano       Lilit Asatryan             

Tamar                                    Anaïs Heghoyan                                                                      Mariann Asatryan       

Shahumyan                            Tigran Ohanyan                                                                      Rouzanna Gasparian  

 Shushan                                 Tereza Gevorgyan                                                                   Zvart Kareyan             

 Santoor                                  Vahe Begoyan                                                                        Annie Kasparian          

Melik                                     Grigor Abrahamyan                                                                Amalya Khachatryan  

  King Vakhtang                      Aramayis Almastyan                                                                Natalie Manukyan        

 Catholicos                              Andranik Malkhasyan                                                             Nadia Molozian           

Khan                                      Armen Grigoryan                                                                    Tamar Movsessian     

  Ahmed                                   Mergelos Amirkhanyan                                                            Ani Nersisyan               

                                Messenger                               Andre Yeghiazarian                                                                  Shakeh Tchilingirian                                   

  Shushan's Attendant               Marianna Asatryan                                                                   Varduhi Yeghiazaryan  


                                                                                                                   Alto              Nazik Andonian   

        DANCERS                                                                                                       Anahit Cahill

                                                                                                                                                Christina Gulvanessian

Jenya Avajan                     Tigran Minasian                                                                             Kristina Manukyan       

Narek Babayan                   Lilit Nagapetyan                                                                            Atina Zainali                 

 Andre Babayan                  Vartan Petrosian                                                                                                                    

Ani Bazil                            Vanouhi Petrosian                                                     Tenor            Mergelos Amirkhanyan

Asya Ghalachyan                Sipan Dro Petrosyan                                                                      Hamo Gregorian            

Narine Gholian                   Anna Poghosyan                                                                            Abel Kyureghyan           

   Knara Ghulyan                   Mariam Safaryan                                                                            Sargis Minasyan                

   Sevanah Hazarian               Haig Sahakian                                                                                 David Stephan                  

                     Preny Hovanessian              Sabina Sarkisova                                                                                                                                        

                        Maria Khorozyan                Narine Simonyan                                                       Bass              Aramayis Almastyan                              

                  Arpi Kojayan                      Azad Telfizian                                                                                  Armen Grigoryan                             

                             Nara Mckenzie                    Ani Yeghikian                                                                                  Garbis Kiremidjian                                     

                           Levon Minasian                  Elen Zakarian                                                                                   Manuel Kurdian                                       

                                                                                                                                                   Andranik Malkhasyan  

                                                                                                                                                   Andre Yeghiazarian      




                     Alex Postlethwaite (violin)                              Heather Bourne (viola)                              Katie Lawrence (bassoon)                                

                                       Tara Persaud (violin)                                      Samantha Cleverly (viola)                          Sarah Maxwell (horn)                                                        

                                 Kieran Burling (violin)                                   Maud Hodson (cello)                                 Sabrina Pullen (horn)                                                  

                                      Rebecca Windram (violin)                              Roland Anderson (cello)                            Oli Arnold (trumpet)                                                        

                           Alan Titheringdon (violin)                              Kit Kimbell (cello)                                     Agnes Chandler (trumpet)                                      

                        Manuel Orellano (violin)                                Philip Austin (double bass)                        Nathan Hamer (trombone)                                  

                                              Anne Beitel (violin)                                        Adrian Warrick (double bass)                    Adrian Cleverley (trombone)                                                     

                                                    Gwenllian Lewis (violin)                                 Ana Arnold (flute)                                      Sam Hoile (percussion)                                                                    

                                   Jane Park (viola)                                            Sonia Stevenson (Oboe)                              Ed Beesley (percussiion)                                                 

                                          Madi Luimstra (viola)                                    Sheena Balmain (clarinet)                                                                                                                        





* * * * *

















By Tigran Chouhajian




A three act comic opera by the Armenian composer and conductor Tigran Chouhajian. The performance was

held on March 29th and 30th 2014, at the Tabernacle, Notting Hill.                                                                    


Garineh was composed in 1875 under the title of Leblebidji Hor-Hor Agha. It was originally written in Turkish, 

translated into Armenian in the 1890s while the composer was still alive, and re-orchestrated and performed in  

Soviet Armenia in the 1940s under the new title of Garineh.                                                                                  


The opera weaves a fanciful yarn of love and farce, telling the story of an old chick-pea vendor who is reluctant

to let his daughter mingle in high society and marry the rich man of her dreams.                                                


The composer Tigran Chouhajian (1837-1898) was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and is acknowledged as the father

of Armenian opera. He was the founder of the first opera institution in the Ottoman Empire, and is recognised

as the first composer to bridge the gap between the musical arts of the East and West, recreating the classical    

European forms by introducing folk melodies of Middle East music. His most well known musical work is the  

first Armenian grand opera Arshak II.                                                                                                                 






                                                                                    Artistic Director                                           Aris Nadirian                                                                                      

                                                                                    Director/Set & Costume Design                   Seta White                                                                                          

                                                                                    Conductor                                                   Gustavo Ubeda                                                                                   

                                                        Choreographer                                            Shakeh Major-Tchilingirian                                    

                      Artwork                                                       Nairi Afrikyan                       

                                                                               Lighting Design                                            Nikki Sutton                                                                                  



                         CAST                                                                                                      CHORUS                               


 Garineh                                  Tereza Gevorgyan                                           1st Sopranos   Annie Kasparian          

      Armen                                    Vahé Begoyan                                                                         Karnitza Varoujian          

     Hor Hor Agha                        Aris Nadirian                                                                          Nadia Yeghiazarian         

              Markar                                  Mourad Amirkhanian                                                             Shakeh Major-Tchillingirian    

    Shushan                                 Anaïs Heghoyan                                                                     Zaza Balian                    

Digin Mama                           Nouritza Mateossian                                                                                                  

                                            Der Der Baba                         Harutyun Boghossian                                     2nd Sopranos   Anahit Cahill                                                          

  Kaghdni Vostigan                  Hagop Varoujian                                                                     Nazik Andonian           

                                                                                                                                                                                           Rouzanna Gasparian             

                                                                                                                                                Tamar Movsessian        


                                                                                                                        Tenors              David Stephan           

                                                                                                                                                Hagop Varoujian      

                                                                                                                                                Hamo Gregorian       


                                                                                                                       Bass                  Garbis Kiremidjian   

                                                                                                                                                            Roderick Babakhanian          



O                                 ORCHESTRA                                                                                                                       


     Ani Batikian (lead violin)                  Helen Vidovich (flute)                                                                                               

Ionel Manciu (violin)                         Zoe Cartlidge (oboe)                                                                                           

Diogo Ramos (violin)                        Ioannis Manolakakis (clarinet)                                                                            

Elena Abad (violin)                           Cerys Evans (bassoon)                                                                                         

Nazli Erdogan (viola)                         Catie Igoe (horn)                                                                                                 

Eva Nikolova (viola)                          Katie Smith (trumpet)                                                                                          

Andrew Power (cello)                         Sami Tammilehto (percussion)                                                                             

Toby White (cello)                                                                                                                                                          

Enric Boixados (double bass)                                                                                                                                         



Leblebidji Hor-Hor Agha




* * * * *




















By Armen Tigranian





Anoush is a five act opera written in 1912 by the Armenian composer/conductor Armen Tigranian (1879-1950). 

Based on national and much loved poet Hovhannes Tumanyan's homonymous poem, it depicts the tragic love  

story of a village girl Anoush, who falls in love with shepherd Saro. In a friendly wrestling contest, Saro defeats

Anoush's brother Mossi, humiliating him and violating the local code of honour. Mossi shoots Saro dead, and   

the grief causes Anoush to become insane and throw herself  from a cliff.                                                             


Anoush opera carries special significance for Armenian musical history and is considered to be the most popular

Armenian musical and theatrical work. It is the first opera that was completely inspired by Armenian culture and

folk music.                                                                                                                                                               


LAO's first production, Anoush was performed in London on 6th/7th July and 27th/28th October 2012.               






                                                                                    Artistic Director                                           Aris Nadirian                                                                                      

                                                                                    Director/Set & Costume Design                   Seta White                                                                                          

                                                                                    Conductor                                                   Lévon Parikian                                                                                   

                                                                                   Choreographer                                            Arsen Zakaryan                                                                                  

                                                                                   Stage Manager/Lighting Design                   Claire Roberts                                                                                    



                         CAST                                                                                                      CHORUS                               


Anoush                                  Tereza Gevorgyan                                               Sopranos      Aida Kutoyan            

  Saro                                       Vahé Begoyan                                                                         Annie Kasparian          

  Mossi                                     Aris Nadirian                                                                           Arpineh Kassabian      

Mother                                   Anaïs Heghoyan                                                                      Karnitza Varoujian   

  Kyokhva/Abi                          Garo Karabeyekian                                                                 Nadia Yeghiazarian     

 Ohan/Antzvort Akhper           Sipan Hagopyan                                                                      Rouzanna Gasparian  

Khatch Yekhpayr                    Hagop Varoujian                                                                    Tamar Movsessian     

Friend 1                                  Aida Kutoyan                                                                          Zaza Balian               

Friend 2                                  Nazik Andonian                                                                                                        

Friend 3                                  Arpineh Kassabian                                              Altos             Anahit Cahill            

Friend 4                                  Sonia Vartoukian                                                                     Anna Manukyan       

Bride                                       Shakeh Major-Tchilingirian                                                     Nazik Andonian        

Bridegroom                             Tom Keya                                                                                Sonia Vartoukian      


                                                                                                                            Tenors          David Stephan           

                                                                                                                                                Hagop Varoujian      

                                                                                                                                                Hamo Gregorian       

                                                                                                                                                Sipan Hagopyan       


                                                                                                                             Bass             Garbis Kiremidjian   

                                                                                                                                                Garo Karabeyekian  

                                                                                                                                                Manuel Kurdian       



                 ORCHESTRA                                                                          DANCERS      


Ani Karapetyan (lead violin)              Helen Vidovich (flute)                                         Ani Sargsyan                           

Tara Persaud (violin)                          Lisa Kouyoumjian Stanton (oboe)                      Elen Zakaryan                         

Mackenzie Richards (violin)               Sheena Balmain (clarinet)                                    Kristine Mnatsakanyan           

Stella Di Virgilio (violin                     Kati Lawrence (bassoon)                                     Aylin Pashayan                       

Kenarika Karapetjana (viola)            Sarah Maxwell (horn)                                          Narineh Gholian                     

Madi Luimstra (viola)                        Peter Mamkarious (trumpet)                               Stella Mnatsakanyan               

Maud Hodson (cello)                          Ed Beesley (percussion)                                       Yeranuhi Simonyan                 

Philip Austin (cello)                                                                                                                                                        

Stephen Street (double bass)                                                                                                                                           







                                                                          * * * * *